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Electric Eel Wheel

The Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) is an electric spinning wheel that spins plant and animal fibers into yarn.  It is a great line of spinning wheels at affordable prices with thousands of happy users around the world.

The EEW's small design makes it very portable and allows it to be used in many more places than a traditional treadle wheel.  It is design to operate quietly and can smoothly spin or ply beautiful yarn.

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The Electric Eel Wheel has revolutionized the fiber world.  The very first version was designed by Maurice for his wife back in 2010.  Since then he's worked with a very active community to take their feedback and ideas and continuously improve it.  You can see the huge community involvement in the multiple Kickstarter campaigns for the EEW over the years.  Overwhelmingly, the people who have used it have loved it.

The EEW uses modern manufacturing techniques to keep its price down, while making the design nimble to allow frequent updates.  When you're buying the EEW you are buying the best spinning wheel that can be made can make this year, and not the best wheel someone could design a decade ago like happen with other wheels that don't change for years.

Perhaps the best part of the EEW is the amazing community that has formed around it.  Without the community the EEW wouldn't be what it is today.  Ravelry is like the facebook for spinners, and there is a very active group for the EEW on Ravelry.  If you are interested in hearing what the EEW community is talking about right now you should sign up and join the Ravelry EEW group.

As a service to spinners we maintain a list of all the currently available electric spinning wheels on the market.  We think the EEW competes very well again the competition so we aren't afraid to share this link to help you research all your options.

This page was written by me, Maurice Ribble, the inventor of the EEW.  I'd like to thank the whole EEW community for helping me make a spinning wheel that has helped so many people enjoy this amazing hobby!

Maurice Ribble

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