Yarn Counter

A digital version of the user manual is available here.

This video explains how to use your EEW Yarn Counter


Where can I get the 3D printed case?The files are here. This is a list of places to have the parts made. Here is a video that explains this case and how to use it.
Why is my length shorter than it should be? This means your yarn is slipping on the disk.You can wrap the yarn all the way around the disk and if this still slips then wrap it around again.
I’m measuring thick yarn and it keeps getting stuck. Is there anything I can do?This could be that the yarn is getting wedged between the wire guide and the box. If this is the case it can be solve by rotating the wire guide so that it is sticking straight up from the box.
Does this count in both directions?This counter always increases the length even when you change directions. Research found that only a small number of people wanted the count to reduce in one direction and that feature would have made this counter more expensive.

This product launched on Kickstarter and there are many more details about the product there.