EEW Yarn Counter

A digital version of the user manual is available here.

This video explains how to use your EEW Yarn Counter

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What is the max length it can measure?The max length is 99,999.9 yards or metres (that’s 56 miles or 100 km).
Where can I get the 3D printed case?The files are here. This is a list of places to have the parts made. Here is a video that explains this case and how to use it.
Why is my yarn not measuring accurately?1) You can wrap the yarn all the way around the disk and if this still slips then wrap it around again. For extremely thin yarns (over 80 WPI) you might need to wrap up to 5 times around the disk.

2) There might be yarn fluff on the disk sensor. To check this pull outward on the yarn disk. The disk will come off. Under the disk is a little black sensor. Use a brush or use air to remove any fluff near this sensor.

3) Try adding more distance between the yarn counter and the yarn source. Also try adding more distance between the yarn counter and the yarn destination. The reason for this is it lets the longer yarn absorb jerky motion and helps prevent yarn from slipping on the disk.

4) For these very thin yarns you may want to rough up the disk with some sandpaper or a knife just so the yarn has something to grip to better.
What does the Yarn WPI setting do?The way the EEW Yarn Counter works is it counts how many times the disk rotates and then figures out the length because I know the circumference of the disk. Using some math I can then calculate the yarn’s length. However, to get the circumference I need to know the diameter, and the yarn actually adjusts the diameter of the disk by half the diameter of the yarn. So what I’m using this WPI setting for is to slightly increase the diameter of the disk to make measuring more accurate.

You can adjust the yarn guides on the EEW Yarn Counter so the yarn is directed more towards the center of the disk. Sometimes you’ll need to move the source and destination of the yarn further away from the Yarn Counter. In other cases you may also need to add some extra pegs or rings to reduce the amount of bouncing the yarn has when it gets to the EEW Yarn Counter.
How do I prevent the yarn from bouncing off the disk?If you don’t want to use this feature then just leave it on the default 80 WPI and
for thicker yarns it will report a slightly shorter length than the yarn
actually is (about 6% shorter for 8 WPI yarn).
I’m measuring thick yarn and it keeps getting stuck. Is there anything I can do?This could be that the yarn is getting wedged between the wire guide and the box. If this is the case it can be solved by rotating the wire guide so that it is sticking straight up from the box.
Does this count in both directions?This counter always increases the length even when you change directions. Research found that only a small number of people wanted the count to reduce in one direction and that feature would have made this counter more expensive.

This product launched on Kickstarter and there are many more details about the product there.