EEW Cone Winder

The EEW Cone Winder helps you wind your yarn evenly onto cones. Watch the video below for more information about this device. Here is a digital version of the included user manual and here is the placement diagram.

If you want to make the EEW Cone Winder completely portable then you can pair it with a battery pack.  I don’t sell these, but here is one that works well. This comes with a Type A North American style power plug.  The power supply works with different voltages around the world so if you don’t have that type of plug you can either use a travel adapter or get a “c7 power cord“.

Replacement Parts

  • R6-2RSV Bearing – These are the metal bearings used
  • 12V 5A Powersupply with 2.1×5.5mm Jack
  • Motor – This is a custom brushless motor that you won’t find a match for online. I sell replacements in my store.
  • Drive Belt – The belts for the EEW Cone Winder are size 235 orings. You can purchase these many places on the internet.
  • Foot Pedal – Not exactly the same as the one that ships with the EEW Cone Winder, but it is pretty similar.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why at slow speeds will the motor sometimes stop working for 3 seconds?This is by design. It is bad for the motor to continue trying to spin when it is not spinning. At low power this can happen when it’s trying to spin slowly but there isn’t enough motor to actually spin the drum. In this case the motor will turn itself off until it sees no attempts to spin for 3 seconds. To work around this turn the speed dial to off and then wait three seconds and it will resume normal operations.
Will it work with different cones?I recommend using my cones because they work really well with the EEW Cone Winder, but it works with other cardboard/plastic cones that have a decent sized hole in the small end. You will need to 3D print a new arm and cone holder. Here’s a video with more details about this. If you just want someone else to make these parts for you check out my 3D printing page. I know Joel Hall is making these parts check out his site on that page if you want an easy solution.
Why did my Cone Winder slow, stop, or make strange noise?Sometimes the little set screw on the metal motor pulley can get loose. In your parts bag there is a small hex wrench. Use that to tighten the set screw in the side of the motor pulley. This image shows where the set screw is. The screw has M3 threads and is 4mm long.
How noisy should the EEW Cone Winder be?By the nature of how the cone is turned on the drum it makes some noise. As the cone fills up some with yarn it will get a little quieter.