EEW Nano

The Electric Eel Wheel Nano is an affordable spinning wheel in a travel-friendly package. Its smooth and quiet operation will help you spin gorgeous yarn. This is the wheel that launched an amazing spinning renaissance on Kickstarter.

Here is a getting started video that shows you the basics of using the EEW Nano. [todo insert video]

Replacement Parts and Accessories

We sell EEW Nano parts packs on our store here [todo insert link]. That’s the easiest way to get replacement parts for the parts that need replacing after a lot of use like the drive belt. However, we also believe in giving our users options. So here are alternative sources for all the parts in the part’s pack.

  • Drive Belt – Size 036 o-ring made of EPDM Rubber (the more common Buna-N would also work, but won’t last as long)
  • Tension Band – 1/16 inch Diameter Elastic Cord

Additionally the there are replacement motors [todo insert link] on our store. These are a custom motor and we aren’t aware of any alternatives that work with the EEW Nano.

There are several 3d printed accessories available for the EEW Nano.

Many people like to plug in the EEW Nano into a USB battery pack.

The EEW Nano is a very light spinning wheel. This is by design as it reduces the material costs and helps keep it more affordable. That said some spinner want to add some heft to their EEW Nano to help prevent it from sliding around when using it. The following video includes some of the options for this. [todo insert video]


Why isn’t there uptake? (Why isn’t my yarn being pulled onto the bobbin?)1) Check to make sure the tension band has a little tension and is resting in the tension band notch on the bobbin.

2) If you over spin your yarn it will get little kinks in it and these will catch on the orifice hole or the sliding hooks.  To fix this manually twist the bobbin until the over spun yarn is on the bobbin and start again trying not to over spin the yarn this time.

3) Check to make sure there isn’t something preventing the bobbin from freely spinning.  Clean out any yarn or dirt stuck on the inside of the bobbin that might be causing it to be stuck to the flyer.

4) Check to make sure the the yarn where it’s tied to the bobbin isn’t slipping.  If it is you can use a small piece of tape to prevent it from slipping anymore.