EEW Nano 2

The Electric Eel Wheel Nano 2 is an affordable spinning wheel in a travel-friendly package. Its smooth and quiet operation will help you spin gorgeous yarn. Below is a video that will get you started with the controls of your eSpinner.

Here is a digital version of the paper manual that comes with the EEW Nano.

If you want more videos check out my EEW Nano YouTube playlist. It has both an in depth guide for new spinners and covers more advanced spinning techniques.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

We sell EEW Nano replacement parts and motors on our store. This is the easiest way to get replacement parts; however, we also believe in giving you options. Below is information and alternative places to buy the parts on the EEW Nano that aren’t custom made.

  • Drive Belt – Size 036 o-ring made of EPDM Rubber
  • Tension Band – 1/16 inch Diameter Elastic Cord
  • R6-2RS Bearing (smaller rear bearing) — Or just search for R6-2RS on Amazon to find them at a lower cost
  • 6804-2RS Bearing (larger front bearing)
  • Reducer O-ring – Size 012
  • Motor – I use a custom motor designed specifically for this use case because I couldn’t find one I was happy with on the market. I sell them on my store, but if you want to look for a different motor here are the specs for this brushed motor. At no load the RPMs are 3650 and 0.015A. At stall the current is 0.88A and the torque is 190 g/cm. At maximum output the speed is 1825 RPMs, torque is 95 g/cm, and current is 0.448A.
The names of the different parts for the EEW Nano 2

Here are some additional videos and links you may find useful:

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Here is a video that covers several of the most common EEW Nano 2 setup issues. I recommend watching this if you are having issues with your EEW Nano 2.

Is there a good guide to spinning with the EEW Nano for completely new spinners?Here is an in depth five part getting started video series from Vampy: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Another option is to check out this page of spinning instructors who are willing to do 1 on 1 instructions for the EEW Nano (some are paid and some are volunteers).
Why isn’t there uptake? Uptake is the name for yarn being pulled onto the bobbin.
1) Check to make sure the tension band has moderate tension by turning the tension dial.
2) Check to make sure the yarn where it’s tied to the bobbin isn’t slipping.  If it is, you can use a small piece of tape to prevent it from slipping anymore.
3) Make sure the bobbins disks are screwed all the way onto the bobbin tubes.
4) Make sure the yarn isn’t getting caught anywhere. This video shows one possible place it can get caught on the orifice reducer.
5) A drop of oil or dry lube (Teflon) at the ends of the bobbin where the disks touch the flyer and bearings can sometimes help.
6) Check to make sure the tension dial isn’t slipping. If it is, tighten the screw on the tension dial. If that doesn’t work, loosen the screw, and add some paper or rubber washers behind the dial to give it a little extra friction between the case and the dial.
7) If you over spin your yarn it will get little kinks in it and these will catch on the orifice hole or the sliding hooks.  To fix this manually twist the bobbin until the over spun yarn is on the bobbin and start again trying not to over spin the yarn this time.
8) Check to make sure there isn’t something preventing the bobbin from freely spinning.  Clean out any yarn or dirt stuck on the inside of the bobbin that might be causing it to be stuck to the flyer. If still not spinning freely, you might need to sand the flyer spindle (where the mold lines are), or the inside of the bobbin disks.
9) Check to see if the pulley on your motor is loose. Here is a video that shows options to fix this. Since making that video, I think the easiest and best solution is putting a little fiber into the pulley hole and then putting it back on the motor.
10) Check out this video which covers common setup troubleshooting.
11) If none of the above helped, this video shows a bobbin/flyer change to improve uptake.
Is there a way to make it quieter?This excellent video takes you through the steps of making the EEW Nano quieter.
Why doesn’t my EEW spin or spin fast?1) Make sure the rubber drive belt is on the motor pulley and the flyer pulley.
2) Check to see if the drive belt is slipping.
3) Make sure your battery pack is charged if using one.
4) Check to see if the pulley on your motor is loose.

If none of this helps use the contact us link at the bottom of this page to see if you need a replacement motor.
Why doesn’t my orifice reducer work?There was a mistake with some of the first batch where a little extra plastic was left inside the orifice reducer. It’s easy to cut this plastic out and I created this video to explain the issue and how to resolve it in detail.
Is it normal for my eSpinner to not start spinning until I turn the dial half way?Yes, this is normal. You will have a full range of speeds, but it won’t start spinning until the dial is turned almost half way. The reason for this relates to how the motor controller works. For more expensive eSpinners like the EEW 6.0 this is improved by using more complex circuit boards, but for this due to the low price of the EEW Nano I decided to leave this behavior.
I’m seeing wear on the flyer around the orifice hole where the yarn rubs.This is normal. All flyers wear out over time. Even steel ones eventually show grooves here. Since the EEW Nano flyer is made from ABS plastic it will wear out more quickly than steel. The flyer will last a long time with most fibers. If this becomes an issue you can get aluminum tape at the hardware store. Cut a small piece and stick it onto the flyer until the tape wears out.

This page is for the EEW Nano 2. Go to this page for the previous EEW Nano 1.1.