EEW Nano

The Electric Eel Wheel Nano is an affordable spinning wheel in a travel-friendly package. Its smooth and quiet operation will help you spin gorgeous yarn. This is the wheel that launched an amazing spinning renaissance on Kickstarter.

Here is a getting started video that shows you the basics of using the EEW Nano.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

We sell EEW Nano replacement parts and motors on our store. This is the easiest way to get replacement parts; however, we also believe in giving our users options. Below is information and alternative places to buy the parts on the EEW Nano that aren’t custom made.

Here are some additional videos and links you may find useful:


Are there more complete troubleshooting guides?Here is a good thread on Ravelry.
Here is a good page on Facebook.
Why is my motor overheating?1) If you are using a battery, make sure you are using the USB cable that comes with the deluxe version. This cable makes sure the battery outputs 9V. Some of the Tallentcell battery packs have a plug that will fit into the EEW Nano, but that runs the motor at 12V and it will overheat.
2) Try reducing the tension as this will make it easier for the motor to spin.
Why isn’t there uptake? Uptake is the name for yarn being pulled onto the bobbin.
1) Check to make sure the tension band has a little tension and is resting in the tension band notch on the bobbin.
2) If you over spin your yarn it will get little kinks in it and these will catch on the orifice hole or the sliding hooks.  To fix this manually twist the bobbin until the over spun yarn is on the bobbin and start again trying not to over spin the yarn this time.
3) Check to make sure there isn’t something preventing the bobbin from freely spinning.  Clean out any yarn or dirt stuck on the inside of the bobbin that might be causing it to be stuck to the flyer.
4) Check to make sure the the yarn where it’s tied to the bobbin isn’t slipping.  If it is you can use a small piece of tape to prevent it from slipping anymore.
Is there a way to make it quieter?1) Try is adding a thin layer of cellophane tape on the flyer where the ends of the bobbin rest. The bobbin must still spin freely. This will help reduce friction and possibly your noise.
2) Try pulling out the orifice reducer slightly to see if it’s rubbing on the supports.
3) If there is a plastic seam on the flyer try removing it with fine grit sandpaper (this is similar to suggestion #1 here).
4) Try adding candle wax or other lubricant on the ends of the bobbins where it rubs on the flyer.
Why doesn’t my EEW spin or spin fast?1) Make sure the rubber drive belt is on the motor pulley and the flyer pulley.
2) Make sure the Z-S switch is not in the middle position.
3) Reduce the tension to a very light tension. The elastic tension band usually ships with it too tight so try loosening it.
4) Make sure the front and rear bearings holding the flyer are fully seated into their slots.
5) Some people have reported that the plastic pulley on their motor was loose. If yours is loose you can fix this yourself by taking it off and putting a small amount of glue in the pulley hole (super glue or epoxy would work) and then put the pulley back onto the the motor shaft while the glue dries.
6) If the motor is overheating try to reduce the tension. If this doesn’t help you may need to contact us and see if it’s a bad motor.