EEW Battery Power

To make your Electric Eel Wheel Nano or Electric Eel Wheel Classic more portable you can power it with a battery.  We don’t sell battery packs for the EEW, but below is the information you need to buy a battery pack for your EEW.

Electric Eel Wheel 6

The EEW 6 power plug is a 5.5mm x 2.1mm 12V.  The power source should supply 3 A or more current.  To connect these battery packs, most of these batteries come with a cable that connects to the 12V output on the battery and then another end of that cable will connect to the EEW 6.0.

The bottom cover fits the TalentCell 12V 6000mAh.  That is my top recommended battery for the EEW 6.0.

Below are a few battery options I’ve tested with  the EEW 6:

These power packs also work with the EEW 4 and EEW 5 spinning wheels.

Note that while the USB cord from the EEW Nano fits into the EEW 6.0, I don’t recommend using it.  The USB cord can’t provide enough power for the EEW 6.0 in all cases.

Electric Eel Wheel Nano

The Nano power plug is 5.5×2.1mm 9V.  

The special USB cord for the EEW Nano converts from the USB port 5V to 9V..  We sell one of those in our store.  With this cable you only need a battery pack with a 5V USB-A output port.  There are many options for these at online stores or at your local stores.  People usually use them to power their phones on the go, but they work great to power the EEW Nano.  The USB battery pack should output 2 amps or more at 5V, but all the USB battery packs I could find did this.

If you have the 3d printed bottom we designed for the EEW Nano this is the battery that cover TalentCell 12V 3000mAh.  If using the TallentCell battery packs with the EEW Nano make sure you use the USB port and not the 12V output port.  The 12V output port can damage the motor.