I love my EEW6 and yarn counter!  What a team these three devices make! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you as always, for sharing your genius and for the continuing research and development - can’t wait for the cone winder to come out!

-Debbie Ellis
I got the EEW 6 about 3 weeks ago, and I have loved it since first unpack! From before it even arriving the whole experience was amazing, speedy dispatch, support via email before it arrived - confirming I didn't need a special adaptor to use in NZ, and friendly service! The wheel itself is lovely, lightweight, and quick. There are great videos for beginners on YouTube and I 110% recommend the wheel, even with the shipping to NZ!

Thanks to EEW I'm able to spin again for the first time in years.  Knee injuries kept me from treadle wheels and cost kept me from other e-spinners.  Easy to use, affordable, and quality products!

- Megan Wright
I originally purchased the EEW6 because I was no longer able to sit and treadle my spinning wheel, and the price was significantly less than other E-spinners. My plan was to get the EEW6 for now and buy a higher quality spinner in the future. I have been delighted with the EEW6, it’s ease of use and performance far exceeds my expectations and Maurice and his team deliver excellent customer service! I have no need nor plans to purchase any other E-spinner! 

- Debbie Markwood
The EEW Yarn counter is a game changer for me! No more winding on to a Niddy Noddy and counting wraps! I go straight from my wheel through the yarn counter & onto the swift;  and, it’s great for counting the leftover yarn after a knitting/weaving project. A great product at an affordable price, I love it!

- Debbie Markwood
I bought the EEW Nano, not knowing anything about it, but being a sucker for anything purple and with it not breaking the bank I thought I'd give it a try.  I was so impressed with the ease and comfort of spinning from the start that I was almost first in line when the Kickstarter for the EWW6 opened.  Since I got the 6 I've not used my treadle wheel - I enjoy using the Nano and the 6 so much and can spin for much longer periods using them.  I'd intended using the Nano as my travelling wheel and keeping the 6 for plying, but they're both so portable that I often take both with me to my spinning group. 

- somebody else
I’m new to spinning and wanted to get a spinning wheel that would fit in my home studio and not cost $500-$1000. The Nano is amazing!! I’m having so much fun spinning yarn and love it so much. Thank you!! 
I love it so much that I bought the 6.0 and use both. They are so easy to set up and start spinning. 

- Kelly Darke
As a knitter, the EEW Yarn Counter is a wonderful tool not only for project planning, but also for tracking your yarn usage. It's amazing for dividing sock yarn into two exactly equal balls, but there's more to it than that: in planning larger projects such as sweaters, you can count any remaining yarn you have left over from partially used balls of yarn. In other words, for a specific gauge and sweater size, you can calculate exactly how much yardage you need. Tracking project information as a knitter is the best way to learn how to buy enough yarn for projects, alleviating both playing yarn chicken and spending extra money on yarn!

As a spinner, the EEW Yarn Counter is even more revolutionary. Calculating your grist, or weight-to-length ratio is an excellent way to see whether you are spinning consistently. Weight can be calculated with any old kitchen scale, but length can be more tricky, especially if you don't have niddy noddys. The Yarn Counter is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment along with a swift and ball winder for spinners! It's just so effortless to have the Counter between the swift and the ball winder! Lastly, as someone who wants to take up weaving with my handspun, I could not imagine trying to make this happen without a reliable way to count out yardage!

- Carolyne LaBelle
I almost exclusively spin on my EEW 6.0. Before that, the nano. I kept the nano to teach my daughter to spin, but I use the 6.0. I’ve had a horrible time on kickstarter with other companies. But I didn’t hesitate to endorse any product that Maurice puts out. The 6.0, Nano, and now the yarn counter (haven’t used it yet-but I’m excited for it!) You can not beat the price, quality, and most importantly the customer service that Maurice provides. 1000% recommend these wheels. Especially if you are short on space, want a travel wheel, or just like electric wheels but don’t want to or can’t dish out thousands of dollars. These wheels make spinning accessible to everyone. 

- Marcy Oberbreckling
I got one of your first generation Nanos, and I still love it! It's so efficient for spinning fine fibers - cottons, silks and some wools, and such fun, and just too cute! I have spun at least a couple pounds of cotton on it so far. Thanks!

- Christine Welch
I have participated in Maurice's last 3 kickstarters and been delighted with the product from each one.  It's a fun community experience to get in early and receive the updates along the way as the project goes into manufacturing and gets closer to it's shipping date.  I am an engineer by education and fiber artist as my passion hobby - it is delightful to support Maurice in his business development as he brings high quality, fantastic fiber tools to users at very reasonable pricing.  I feel like this will open up spinning and fiber arts to a wider audience as it reduces the cost of acquiring high quality tools for the craft.

- Tricia
I got the EEW Nano to dip my toe in the spinning pool without spending too much money. I love that I can spin beautiful yarn without needing much space to store my wheel. It takes a little finesse to get used to, but once you do you'll see that this is a fantastic option for those who don't want to invest a lot of money and space.

- Aurora Ginzburg
I'm handicapped and in a wheelchair.  My legs became too weak to treadle a traditional spinning wheel.  The EEW 6.0 has given me a new lease on life, and I'm spinning away!  I can't thank you enough, Maurice.

- Sara Parsons
I ran across the Kickstarter for the 1st gen Nano when I was laid up in the hospital after a car accident.  Not a fan of e-spinners before, I felt like it was a sign so I joined in.  By the time it arrived, I was up and walking again, but found that I loved spinning on this little wheel.  I mostly spin very fine yarns and the Nano is perfect for that.

- Theresa Rogerson
I loved spinning on my original Nano 1.0 so much that I bought the EEW 6.0 too.  The extra power and larger bobbins make it more versatile in spinning different weights of yarn, even art  yarns.  And the affordable price puts it in reach of just about anyone interested in an e-spinner.

- Theresa Rogerson
My EEW 6.0 (Stella) is a life saver.  I have severe mobility issues; without her I could never spin fiber.  Never a problem,  thank you Maurice.

- Kimberly Harner
I haven't yet had a chance to try out the Yarn Counter, but it looks perfect.  I would like to say that this has been hands down the absolute best Kickstarter (or IndieGoGo) experience I've ever had.  Clear communication when needed, I didn't feel spammed by unnecessary emails, there were accurate forecasts, and the item was worth what I paid
Thanks so much!  I'm just an independent knitter, but I look forward to what you create in the future.

- Jill Karol
I love your products. I have a Nano, which is perfect to take on a plane or camping. I also have the yarn counter, and plan to get the cone winder.

- Cindy Barkhuizen
Spinning is fun, but traditional wheels are pricey and take up a lot of space. Most e-spinners are also too expensive on a “Do I want to try this?” budget. The nano was a great entry point. I can produce yarn faster than a spindle, and hope to someday go on the road and give hands-on demonstrations.

- Robin Baylor
We have been involved in 4 kickstarters for Electric Eel Wheel products including, the mini, nano, 6.0 and yarn counter. Maurice delivered either on time or within a week or of estimate even during the lockdown and slowdowns afterwards.

The products have each done exactly what was described and beyond. I love being able to take them anywhere, especially the nano that can fit in a large purse.

I’ve never seen such wonderful customer service either. My husband encouraged me to buy 2 nano and two 6s after seeing the mini and how well the kickstarters were managed.

We were kept up to date every step of the way, even being able to track the ships and watching videos when they passed through Panama and Suez canals.
I signed o. To two other kickstarters by other companies, bith before the lockdown. Have been waiting three years and only getting excuses from the first one and on second year with the other. Bot say they are shipping, but no notices yet. I told the first one he needed to contact Maurice to see how to run a kickstarter properly.

Any problems folks have with their EEW products are dealt with quickly. He’s very open to suggestions to make the machines more user friendly and is constantly improving them while keeping them affordable.

- Melissa Gordon Jones
My Nano and my EEW 6 have allowed me to spin despite a hectic schedule and busy toddlers. I have tried every other electric wheel on my market and keep coming back to my six!

- Jessica Cook
I am a new spinner. Learning to spin on an electric wheel was my Pandemic hobby or reward. The EEL 6 has a short learning curve before you can produce yarn good enough for a hat. If only learning to knit was this easy and fun.

- Patty Ellison
I love my Nano. It is great for traveling and just what I needed to get back to spinning while on a tight budget.

- Mechelle J. Fox
I have a nano (well 2 actually), a 6, and the yarn counter. Am only semi-patiently waiting on the cone winder and the CSM!

I love the nano and the 6. I do have another electric spinner but find myself using either the nano or the 6 more often currently. Mostly because of the size and weight, although I'm sure replacement cost is probably a factor too if something were to happen.

So far either of these wheels has done anything I have asked it to do, including spinning very short staple cotton into a lace weight yarn. The nano is great in my carryon bag. Leaves plenty of room for knitting!

- Sonja Therese
I love your products! They are so affordable and not cheaply made. I think of honesty, reliability ,and virtuous when I think of Maurice and his company!

- Mary Walker
After 12 years of spinning on traditional treadled wheels, I bought my 6.0, and then a Nano. If you're thinking about getting into spinning or buying an e-spinner, don't let anyone tell you 'they're not real wheels'! These are accessible, well designed, and affordable!

- Leni McCormick
We lost our home to the Eastland Complex Wildfires in Texas on March 17, 2022. I had ordered the Eel 6 when they came back in stock and it arrived a couple of days after the fire. I loved my Nano and I love the 6. I do want to replace my Nano because it's so portable and easy to take with you to spin in the car, on trips, camping, etc. It's a great little wheel.

- Ronda Machalek Ŧrent
The EEW Nano was my first electric wheel. It was astoundingly good quality for the price. Its performance, ergonomics, and ease of use took me from very skeptical of electric wheels to interested in electric wheels in general. Now that I've tried a few, I look forward to replacing my other electric wheels with the upcoming Nano 2.

- Flora Finch
As a twin mom living in a small space I could not afford the time, space, or cost required for even the most simple treadle wheel. I assembled my EEW6 in minutes and I can very easily take it out and put it away when I'm not using it which is so important for my lifestyle.

- Elise Michelle
I will be forever grateful to Maurice Ribble for bringing out the Electric Eel Wheel 4, back in 2015.

He allowed me to try an E-spinner at an affordable price, at a time when I’d been told I had to give up treadling my spinning wheel for health reasons.
Since then, I’ve bought the EEW5 and the Nano, the latter being my favorite.

I love its portability! It’s the only wheel I own that I can spin from my lap, or pick up with one hand and carry around the house.

- Kathryn (craftmehappy.com)
I have the Nano 1.1 which I call Nan. I have the EEW6 that I do all my plying on. I have the yardage counter and just love it and am waiting to get the Nano 2. Dreaming Robots and Maurice have wonderful customer service. The money spent on all these Dreaming Robots wheels and products are far less than most electric wheels cost for 1 wheel. Everything is travel friendly and easy to use.

- Janice Hetrick
I bought an EEW 6.0 last year and I am in love! It spins really well and is durable (the cat knocks it onto the floor at least once a week). I would never have thought that I would enjoy using an espinner so much.

- Laura Wilson
I am so happy with my new yarn counter! It had been sitting on my work bench since it came in the mail. Yesterday I was looking at a huge ball of yarn that I had made when I tinked a sweater project. The yarn was hand-spun so no label to refer to. I really needed to know if it would work for a new project that I have in mind. I ran the whole thing through the yarn counter and now know that I have enough yarn!

- Edith Tannireeeu
EEW6 owner 2 years: it is a fun wheel to use! It's affordable, light and portable. Maurice is very responsive to problem solving. The online community is so great. I was pleased to find a more current YouTube support video, so information is compiled & being shared as time goes on. I have no doubt that it will continue it be supported ongoing.

- Karen Richardson
There is nothing I don't love about my EEW nano. It's been very easy to learn to spin.

- Sherry Pilikian
I just got my EEW6 last month. I am disabled and I can spin again.

- Yvonne Dawkins
My Nano is my favourite spinning tool. It is a joy to use. I can spin the finest and most consistent yarn on it and all while sitting back on my recliner. It really is, for me, a perfect spinning tool.

- Jane Harrison
My nano was the perfect first wheel. Its affordable, durable and great in small spaces. I didn't have to worry about my feet while learning what to do with my hands. The videos on the site taught me enough to get started and I have since purchased an EEW 6 to go with it. The shipping was fast for both and I cant imagine a better wheel. I love them both and learning to spin on them has saved my sanity the past few years.

- Natalie Smith
I’m happy with every item that I’ve purchased from Maurice @ EEW. I can’t wait for the cone winder to be produced. I’m definitely a repeat customer!!!

- Kate Hodge
I have both the 1.1 and 6.0. I also have an Ashford electric. Look out Ashford and Hanson, here we come!!

- Arlene Gowing
I received my new EEW6, 2 weeks ago & I can't keep my hands off it. It's like driving a Rolls Royse or jaguar car. Thank you Maurice for having the foresight to bring a spinning wheel into the 21st century.

-Jill Hudson
I started with other electric wheels and found the Nano 1.1 by accident. What attracted me to the Nano was the smaller size and the smaller 2 oz bobbins. It's lighter, fits in a lunchbag, uses very little battery power, it never pulls the fiber out of my hand and it is just a smooth running machine. The 2 oz bobbins are perfect for sampling and plying multiple strands. I love it so much, I then bought the EEW 6 and it is equally wonderful. I still love the small footprint and portability of the Nano and use it often!

- Elle Morris
I never could get the hang of a regular spinning wheel. The Nano and the EEW 6 opened spinning up to me. I am disabled and can sit in my recliner with the wheel on my lap without pain. And the yarns turn out lovely!

- Joy Edwards-Beckett
Purchased the Nano about a month ago and the first time that I used it I was all thumbs - 2 1/2 hours of spinning produced some very interesting fiber that I did not want to credit as mine.  I waited one week for my brain to process and watched a few videos about speed and tension and Wham! I am super HAPPY with the Nano and my yarn.  I was worried about possible noise and disturbing my partner in the living room with this little guy, but it is super quiet.  Moral of the story;  education, time, and patience pays off.

-Emily Carmany

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