Selecting the Best eSpinner for You

We have designed a few different electric spinning wheels and there are different strengths to each one. This page will help you pick the best Electric Eel Wheel for your needs.

EEW 5.2 ($260)EEW Nano 1.1 ($110)
Typical use case is as a electric replacement for a traditional spinning wheel, and for high volume spinning. The larger controls also make this version a little easier to use.Typical use case is for new spinners looking at an affordable spinning wheel, or as a ultra portable wheel for experienced spinners.
Sliding yarn hook designTriangular clamping yarn hook design
Easy to use tension dialSlot sliding tension
Bobbin capacity is 5 ouncesBobbin capacity is 2 ounces
Overall size is small (7.5 × 6 × 8 inches) and it weighs about 2.5 poundsSize is very small (5.25 x 4 x 5 inches) and it weighs around 0.5 pounds
Max flyer speed is 1400 RPMsMax flyer speed is 1000 RPMs (The 1.0 version was about 750 RPMs)
Motor rated for 4000 hoursMotor rated for 800 hours
Steel spindle, wooden case, and high quality plastic flyer design Multiple different high quality plastics optimized for each part’s need
Large orifice, stronger motor, and large hooks make it well suited for spinning bulky yarnWhile it can handle spinning some bulky yarn the weaker motor and small bobbins make it is not ideally suiting for a lot of bulky yarn spinning
A foot pedal to start and stop the motor in include (you can also use it without the foot pedal to make it more transportable)No foot pedal is included, but we made a video showing your different options