Selecting the Best eSpinner for You

We have designed a few different electric spinning wheels (eSpinners) and there are different strengths to each one. This page will help you pick the best Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) for your needs.

EEW Nano
EEW 6.1 ($299)EEW Nano 2 ($125)
This is an electric replacement for a traditional spinning wheel, and for production spinning. The larger controls also make this version a little easier to use.This is for new spinners looking at an affordable spinning wheel, or as a ultra portable wheel for experienced spinners.
Innovated nylon and steel easy sliding hooksTriangular sliding hooks
Easy to use tension dial and springSimple tension dial
Bobbin capacity is 8 ounces (225 grams)Bobbin capacity is 2 ounces (55 grams)
Size is small – 4.9W x 7.8W x 7.7H inchesSize is very small – 4.0W x 5.25L x 5.0H inches
Weigh is about 3.0 poundsWeigh about 0.5 pounds
Max flyer speed is 1,800 RPMsMax flyer speed is 800 RPMs
Brushless motor rated for 15,000 hoursBrushed motor rated for 800 hours
Stainless steel spindle and nylon case Nylon spindle and ABS case
Large bobbins, stronger motor, and large hooks make it well suited for spinning bulky yarnSmall bobbins and weaker motor make it not ideal for bulky yarn
A foot pedal to start and stop the motor is includeNo foot pedal is included, but we made a video showing your different options

Both these eSpinners are fully functional and will spin yarn. The EEW 6.0 is quieter, faster, handles more yarn types, and the larger bobbins make it better at plying. The EEW Nano 2 is smaller, less expensive, and works with a wider range of battery packs. If price isn’t a concern and you don’t need extreme portability, then I’d recommend the EEW 6.0 for most people.