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The Electric Eel Wheel Nano is an affordable and travel friendly espinner that spins your fiber into beautiful yarn!  It is great for both new spinners and for experienced spinners looking for a fully functional spinning wheel.

When purchasing pick between purple and charcoal colors for the base.  You’ll get two purple, two ivory, and two teal bobbins.

Each package includes everything you need to start spinning:

  • EEW Nano
  • 6 Bobbins
  • Wall power supply
  • USB power cord
  • Orifice Reducer
  • Orifice hook
  • A spin card to help measure your yarn

The orifice hole is about 6mm (about 1/4 inch) in diameter when using the orifice reducer and if that’s removed then the orifice hole is 16mm (over 1/2 inch).  This page has a bunch of photos showing the type of yarn people have spun with the Electric Eel Wheel.  If you are looking to make it more portable check out our guide explaining what type of battery pack to use.

The EEW Nano does not come with a paper instruction manual to help save costs and reduce waste, but you can get video and text instruction for the EEW Nano here.  The bobbins hold about two ounces.

Note to orders outside North America. This device comes with a Type A/B power plug commonly used in North America.  The EEW Nano supports a wide range of input voltages.  If you live elsewhere in the world you can just add a “travel power adapter” to the plug that shipped with the EEW Nano so the pin configuration is correct for your country.  Online stores and likely your local stores should have these inexpensive pin configuration  converters.

Additional information

Weight1.4 lbs
Dimensions5.25 × 4 × 5 in

Purple, Black

21 reviews for Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.1

  1. Joyce Arthur

    So very happy with my Nano. She just arrived this morning and am on the second bobbin of spinning fun. Spin On!

  2. Carine Braems

    So happy with my Nano!

  3. Crystal

    I’m so excited to have this little thing! It’s adorable and spins well. Maurice is super fast at helping with any minor issues that may arise and the EEW-owning community is wonderful about offering advice and tips.

  4. Colleen

    I’m so happy I backed this project. I had only just started spinning on spindles when the Kickstarter went live, and it seemed like the perfect first wheel for a neophyte like me. I could not be more pleased with the Nano!

  5. James Tomasino

    The Electric Eel Wheel Nano is fantastic. The quality is great and there’s such attention to detail. I love the little magnetic holder for the hook. It powers off USB for flexibility and even runs well from my solar charger.

  6. Kathy Atkinson

    This is my first personal espinner although I have used others. This is so easy to use and so portable. I see many happy adventures

  7. Vicki

    Absolutely wonderful. I would not only recommend this to any spinner, but also anyone looking to get children interested in crafting because it’s so portable and easy to use.

  8. Rasa Dunlop

    The Nano – which I have, of course, named Nanu – works straight out of the box. I am spinning so fine! 😍💗🥳
    It is everything [and more!] I had hoped for. I wish I could post a picture of Nanu, *laden* with lace-weight black llama. I love it.

  9. Molly

    I recently received my nano and have been getting to know it. Overall I’m delighted with my experience. It is very cute and portable and extremely cost effective. The design is quite clever and I love the magnetic orifice hook in particular.

    It runs well on mains power or battery. It is slower than some other spinning wheels but I found this quick to adjust to. This wheel isn’t suitable for production spinning but should be ideal for learners or as a travel wheel for experienced spinners.

    Maurice has been great with his communication throughout and the online community has also been helpful and friendly. I would be happy to recommend the nano based on my experience so far.

  10. Natalie

    A beautifully made little wheel. So light and portable, spins like a dream. Backup service is also excellent.

  11. Jessica Berriman

    Love, love, love it 😍

  12. Sue Webb

    Love my little nano. Spins like a dream and was pleasantly surprised at the capacity! Managed 57 grams (about 2oz) superfine merino on my very first bobbin! Thanks Maurice, this was the best kickstarter ever.

  13. Kerry Sutherland

    Excellent! So portable and convenient. I love it.

  14. Marjorie Bellringer

    Can’t say enough good things about this wheel. Portable, lightweight, practical. Can spin and ply a variety of fibers with ease. Works swiftly and efficiently on both standard electric wall plug in or with a battery pack. Had hours of fun spinning and singing the praises for this wheel at the Alaska State Fair.

  15. somebody else

    An excellent little travel wheel.

    I’ve had my Nano for 10 days now and I love it. It worked as expected straight out of the box – it’s not a production wheel, but it’s not intended to be. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, which is be a light, portable, affordable electric spinning wheel.

    As someone who’s never been a fan of scotch tension spinning wheels, I was blown away at how gentle this wheel is – the take up is as easy as it is on my double drive treadle wheel. And as a dedicated lace weight spinner I love the fact that this wheel will easily spin as fine as I want to go.

    As others have stated, this is the perfect entry wheel to not only e-spinning, but learning to spin as well. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who’s interested but who cannot afford the average e-spinner or new treadle wheel.

    I’m now waiting for Maurice’s next version – it can’t come soon enough for me.

  16. Lorna Page

    When I got my Nano, I was spinning straight out of the box. I was eager to try her. I named her Beauty, because she was beautiful. I soon found out I needed to do a few very minor tweaks. The flyer arms needed to be rotated so the yarn guides were in the correct position. Not a big problem. Just a matter of using a screwdriver. The tension needed to be worked with. Again, not a big problem. My Beauty was now ready to go again. I’ve had to do more tweaks on my more expensive treadle wheels than on my little Beauty.
    The EEW community all came together with their helpful tweaks and it was nice to see everyone’s Nanos. This little E-Wheel has enabled so many spinners to spin where they couldn’t before. Maurice has made it affordable and possible. This wheel has been a dream come true and I have no problem recommending it.

  17. Marg FitzPatrick (verified owner)

    I got my Nano in the mail on Friday, and began to spin with it today. Once you figure out how to control the tension, it is fairly easy and fun to spin with. I’ve already spun a bobbin of lace weight alpaca, and look forward to doing some more tomorrow. My motor does seem to get a little hot, but I checked it out in the FAQ section. I may have caused that when I was first playing with the tension.

  18. Marge Haney

    This came about because I had a little accident with my main spinning wheel and I wanted a spinner to take with me that I could easily handle. The Nano has perfectly filled my need. I have spent a small and enjoyable bit of time learning my wheel. Now she is so much fun I am preferring to spin on Nellie Nano. I’m very happy I have her and been a part of the Kickstarter. Thank you Maurice.

  19. Daphne Basnet

    I love my Nano. I have already spun over 300 grams of fibre in a week. It is so easy to use and so simple to control. My spinning has improved and I now carry it everywhere with me. Thanks Maurice, I am very grateful to you.

  20. Aleta Batty (verified owner)

    The BEST little spinner. My Kiwi will be gathering dust! Great for taking to retreats and such.
    Thank you

  21. Margaret Harkness (verified owner)

    I’m still waiting for mine with great anticipation but I need to get a battery pack for my nano mini. Does anyone know what kind I should get or the specifications?

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