Return Policy

30 day return policy

If you are not happy with your order, we will accept returns for a full refund for any items purchased within 30 days.  You must contact us before returning it and you are responsible for return shipping costs.  The return policy is only valid for the original owner.  If you exercise this option you shouldn’t purchase products from us in the future since there has been some abuse in the past with multiple returns.  Returned products are never sold as new so each return is a large loss for our small business so this is our way of limiting losses. If you decide to place a future order then the future order will have no warranty or returns allowed (this includes refunds caused by lost shipping issues).

100 day warranty

If you request a replacement for a defective product within 100 days of purchase due to a manufacturing defect we will send you a replacement part.  The warranty is only valid for the original owner.

Undelivered package

If your package is never delivered or is missing all the parts (international orders can sometimes take over 30 days due to customs), we will refund you.  In these cases we won’t ship a replacement since we have had cases where multiple packages to the same person went missing and as a small business we can’t afford that.  A failed delivery also imposes the 30 return policy where you aren’t allowed to re-order from us in the future.  Sorry about this, but we’ve had issues with several packages being undelivered to the same address.

Damaged or a part missing in shipment

Include a description of the damaged or missing parts, and pictures if anything was damaged.  We’ll mail you replacements parts, and if this doesn’t address the issue we’ll give a refund as described under the 30 day return policy. You have 100 days to report this kind of issue.