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Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2 Press Release

Dreaming Robots launched a new electric spinning wheel on Kickstarter.  There are lots of spinning wheels that spin wool into yarn, but this one is extraordinary in several ways.

First it has a beautiful design and solid feel.  This design not only looks great, but it’s open nature is helpful as it lets people see their yarn while they spin it.

Secondly it has been designed to help make spinning easier for new spinners.  The lower price and simple to use features makes it great for people learning to spin.

Lastly it is designed to be the ultimate travel spinning wheel.  It’s small, lightweight, and durable design when combine with it running off a USB port makes it great for spinning with friends anywhere.

In this age when people are trying to get more connected to nature spinning is a great hobby since it lets you make yarn from animal and plant fibers.  Then using a pair of knitting needles you can make that into some clothing.  This is called going from sheep to shawl.  The Electric Eel Wheel Mini is a great spinning wheel to help you do this.

For more information visit the Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2 Kickstarter.

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24 thoughts on “Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2 Press Release

  1. Is it OK to put this in guild newsletters?

    1. Yes. Please feel free to copy and redistribute any of the info in this blog post.

  2. This is Cookie48 from Ralvery and Andrea D Livingston-Shuman from Facebook. I’m Backer # 1220 and I made my 2nd Pledge of $ 100.

  3. What’s the bobbin capacity on your new mini 2.

    1. The bobbins hold 1-2 ounces.

  4. What about doing art yarn on it?

    1. While it can do some art yarn, it’s not great at it because of the small bobbins and small motor. The EEW 5.x series of EEWs are much better at art yarn.

      1. So it looks like it will do nice medium thickness for making hats and gloves etc but I do think I am going to get the mini 2 in the future.

  5. This has been a fun ride. Sort of sad to have it over. What am I going to do with my spare time? Now just have to wait until $2315 to come up.
    You are really appreciated.

  6. Would be interested in purchasing this mini spinning wheel. Please notified how best to do this. Thank you

    1. Currently it is available for preorder here:

  7. is te avalible in Canada

    1. Yes, we ship internationally. Just fill in your address when checking out and it will tell you the shipping costs.

  8. I purchased your wheel this past weekend from a vendor at the Michigan Fiber Festival. I could not wait to give it a “whirl.” Brought it back to our hotel and presto, spinning within minutes.

    This is my first electric wheel. I have been in the market for one because my Lendrum, while I think it is a true work horse and a great all around wheel, is just too heavy to lug around. Spinning has not been my top priority for several years because my wheel is put away and, well, out of sight, out of mind. Thank you so much for bringing spinning back in my life!

    Already pre-ordered your Nano and cannot wait to play with it.

    1. Oops, failed to mention I purchased the 5.2 version…

  9. Is it possible to still purchase the original wooden mini?
    If so, what’s the cost and what does it come with?

    1. Sorry, I don’t sell those anymore. Sometimes people on the Facebook or Ravelry groups sell them used.

  10. Hi! Just ordered a Nano and i live in NC. Where are these shipping from so I can gauge about when to start looking for it? I’m traveling the last week of September and was hoping to take it with me. Can’t wait, so excited to get it!

    1. They ship from Massachusetts.

  11. looking for a nano mini in wood

  12. hi! Can you make art yarn with this? if so, I will order today!

    1. It’s not very good with art yarn. It’s better at thin and medium thickness yarn.

  13. How can I ply with my ELL Wheel?

    1. To ply you need to change the direction of the flyer what was used when spinning the singles. There is a switch on the EEW Nano that changes the direction of the flyer. Beyond this you can look at various videos online.

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