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Electric Eel Wheel Newsletter (June 2020)

Dreaming Robots Newsletter

June 16, 2020

Welcome to our first monthly Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) newsletter. In the past I’ve sent out emails to this group about twice a year when I had a major new product to announce. I’ve been getting a lot of requests from the community saying it is difficult to follow the news on the EEW Facebook and Ravelry groups due to increased traffic there. I can understand that so I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter with big new announcements for the EEW community and a summary of the most interesting news from the past month. If you are not interested in these updates, you can just unsubcribe at the bottom of this email and you’ll be removed from this list.

Electric Eel Wheel 6

The biggest news for this past month has been the kickstarter for the Electric Eel Wheel 6.0. This is my new larger, high speed, travel friendly e-spinner. The Kickstarter for this is closing in a few days (this Saturday at 11:00 AM ET) so if you haven’t seen it go and look at the Kickstarter page for the EEW 6.0. There is a short video on the top that gives a good overview about this new wheel. If you are still trying to decide whether to support it, the EEW 6.0 Kickstarter updates show my commitment to this project with many updates during the past month ranging from free 3D printable parts to detailed explainations of features where the community requested more information.

I have been releasing a lot of videos recently on my youtube channel. All of them have been about the EEW 6.0 this month. If you want to see if you’ve missed any go check my youtube spin playlist. One particular video worth watching compares the EEW Nano 1.1 to the EEW 6.0.

Next Month

The focus next month will be moving fotward with the EEW 6.0 to keep that project on track. I’m expecting to have a good progress update for it. Any extra time that I have will be spent on the next prototype for the EEW Yarn Counter project. If you don’t know about this Yarn Counter I’ve created a video about my last prototype here.

That’s all for this month.

– Maurice Ribble
(Inventor of the Electric Eel Wheel)
EEW Facebook Group
EEW Ravelry Group
EEW Youtube Channel

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