Electric Eel Wheel

The Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) is a line of electric spinning wheels that spin plant and animal fiber into yarn.  The Electric Eel Wheel 5 is a great production class spinning wheel that offers large bobbins, quiet operation, and great value.  The Electric Eel Wheel Mini is a first of its kind miniaturized spinning wheel that offers a hand sized travel friendly package, inexpensive price, and beginner friendly design.  Both wheels lead their class in smooth operation and will help you quickly spin beautiful yarn.

We use modern manufacturing techniques to keep price of the EEW down, while making the design nimble to allow frequent updates.  When you’re buying the EEW you are buying the best spinning wheel that can be made this year, and not the best wheel someone could design a decade ago like often happens with other wheels that don’t change for years.

Perhaps the best part of the EEW is the amazing community that has formed around it.  Without the community the EEW wouldn’t be what it is today.  Ravelry is like the Facebook for spinners, and there is a large active group for the EEW on Ravelry (we’re currently in the top 10% or Ravelry groups).  If you are interested in hearing what the EEW community is talking about right now you should sign up and join our Ravelry Group.

Check out our EEW5 store or our EEW Nano store today.

This page was written by Maurice Ribble, the inventor of the EEW.  I’d like to thank the whole EEW community for helping me make spinning wheels that have helped so many people enjoy this amazing hobby!

The Mini is on the left and the EEW5 is on the right