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EEW 6.0 Stop Fix

UPDATE – This only applies to EEW 6.0s sold in 2021. Any newer versions ship with this fixed.

The turning off issue that affects some EEW 6.0s is related to static building up and being stored in the metal spindle. When that gets discharged it can sometimes pull the reset pin on the circuit board low which effectively turns off the EEW 6.0 briefly then it turns if back on. When you turn on the EEW 6.0 it always starts in a stopped state so this reset event stops the EEW 6.0. In my research of this issue I’ve found other spinning wheels have had this issue, but it seems more people are seeing this with the EEW. I believe there are two reasons for this. The first is the nylon case is a better insulator, and the second is the bottom cover’s rubber feet are even better insulators. This is why some people saw the issue improve when they removed the bottom cover. These insulation layers let the static to build up faster than it tends to on other spinning wheels which mostly use wood which is also an insulator, but not as good of one.

There are two things that can help fix this. The first is to ground the spindle. You hide this by drilling a few small holes in your case and running a black wire down the back support arm and under the case (I show this in the video at the end of this post). However, I went for the very easy method here. The method here uses materials most people will have in your house. All you need is tinfoil, tape, and some scissors. What I did was to cut a thin strip of tinfoil and then folded it over twice to give it a little more strength. Then I ran that from the back bearing to the motor and held it in place with tape. I put some photos showing how this was done below. In my testing this completely fixed the problem.

Another solution is to use a female to female breadboard jumper wire (or these on Amazon) to connect pins 1 and 4 on the programming header. This solution pulls the reset line high on the EEW 6.0 and prevents a reset, but the spindle can still build up a static charge similar to how you can shock yourself when touching a metal object after walking on a wool carpet. The image below shows what pins to connect for this fix.

In theory the most robust fix is to do both, but in my testing either one solved the issue. If the physical shocks are bothering you then I would recommend the first grounding one, but I will point out these shocks are no more dangerous than any other static shock you get in dry climates.

Here is a video that goes over those this problem and the fixes. It also includes a way to hide a wire to make the first grounding fix more invisible.

Any black wire would work, but here is some black 26 gauge tin coated copper stranded wire if you aren’t sure what to look for.

UPDATE – Several people have also confirmed this fixes an issue where the EEW will get in a state where it doesn’t stop.

UPDATE #2 – Here is a new video with updated fixes and a kit I can send if you don’t already have this fixed.

6 thoughts on “EEW 6.0 Stop Fix

  1. hi. i have a problem. i started the wheel. started making thread. but … when half of the spool has accumulated. then the flyer stops spinning around the spool and the thread is very curled and does not wrap on the spool .. what to do

    1. This is a lack of uptake. As the bobbin fills you will need to increase the tension. The eSpinners for beginners videos on this page cover this and a lot of other helpful topics for new spinners.

  2. I have followed your stop fix instructions and they work to a certain extent but, although the bobbin spins without a problem while in the S twist position, it will not start in the Z twist position unless I give it a helping hand. Have your any idea why this may be happening and what I can do to remedy it? I’ve only had my EW6 for a few months and I’ve done a lot of spinning on it and have been very happy with the performance up until now but this glitch is very frustrating as it slows up my spinning!

    1. This is a different issue probably with your motor. You should contact me with these details and your order information. You can email:

      1. I am in the UK and I bought the EW6 from the Threshing Barn in Yorkshire. I had a 3 month guarantee with them which has expired. Should I contact them directly? I think I’ve had it for about 6 months.

        1. You can ask if they have any extra motors, but if they don’t then you can contact me.

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