EEEW 6.0

EEW 6.0


Here is a getting started video for the EEW 6.0. This is a short video that will get you.

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For a more in depth videos about the EEW 6.0 check out this series of videos:

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Here is series of videos that show spinning with different fibers or using different techniques.

This is a digital copy of the EEW 6.0 User Manual in English. You can also get it in these other languages: German, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish.

I recommend several battery pack options on this page. The TalentCell 12V 6000mAh is the one that fits best into the bottom case.

Replacement Parts

While I sell some replacement parts on my store, I also list the ones you might be able buy from a different store (especially useful for international orders where shipping is expensive). Feel free to buy these parts from my store or another store if it makes more sense.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why does it vibrate at higher speeds?The most common cause is your flyer isn’t balanced. To fix this make sure the two sliding hooks you aren’t using are directly across from the two you are using. Also make sure that one set of hooks are facing upwards and one set facing downwards so the weight is distributed evenly on the flyer. This only matters at higher speeds.
Why doesn’t the flyer spin or why does it spin slowly?Make sure the drive belt is on the flyer pulley and the motor pulley.