Electric Spinning Wheel Comparison Chart

Here is a table of currently available espinners on the market.

Electric Eel Wheel 5$260
Electric Eel Wheel Nano$80-110
HansenCrafts miniSpinners$845-$1915
Ashford e-Spinner 3$810
SpinOlution Firefly$779-$2004
Vespera Electric Spinner$259-$359
Roberta Electronic Spinning Wheel$1095-$1295
WooLee Ann Production Spinner$1600
Questionable Origin e-spinner$1199
Sandraspinners Electric Wheel$800
Daedalus Spinning Wheels$700-$900

The goal of this chart is to give people a list of the options they can easily find so you can do some initial research.  If you think any options are missing or prices are out of date please contact us.