EEWMini Getting Started

This video will help you get started with your EEW Mini.

Making it Quieter

The image below shows some changes to the flyer you can make to reduce the noise level of the Mini.  Use the included Emory board to smooth the seams that were formed during the molding process.

The green lines show the parting lines (seams) that are formed when making the plastic flyer.


Originally with the mini we would use a special plying belt and twist it.  However that adds friction that slows down the small motor on the Mini.  We now think the best way is to use the standard drive belt and thread your yarn through the other end of the spindle.  This will reverse the twist and is less stress on the motor than than twisted drive band method of plying.  Here is a video that explains how this method done.  You might want to extend or make a new orifice hook since the one that shipped with the Mini will be a little short when threading the yarn through the back of the Mini.

Replacement Parts

The belts and tension band on the EEW Mini will wear out over time.  While I do offer a  parts kit in store, these are standard off the shelf parts that you can buy elsewhere.  I run a small store and shipping is expensive for small items like this so feel free to buy these parts elsewhere from stores that are more efficient at shipping small orders.

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Why isn’t there uptake? (Why isn’t my yarn being pulled onto the bobbin?)
  • Check to make sure the tension band has a little tension and is resting on the middle wooden circle of the bobbin.
  • If you over spin your yarn it will get little kinks in it and these will catch on the orifice hole or the sliding hooks.  To fix this manually twist the bobbin until the over spun yarn is on the bobbin and start again trying not to over spin the yarn this time.
  • Check to make sure there isn’t something preventing the bobbin from freely spinning.  Clean out any yarn or dirt stuck on the inside of the bobbin that might be causing it to be stuck to the flyer.
  • Check to make sure a small fiber from the yarn isn’t stuck on the edge of the bobbin.
  • Check to make sure the the yarn where it’s tied to the bobbin isn’t slipping.  If it is you can use a small piece of tape to prevent it from slipping anymore.
Why is the motor getting hot or why is the spinning wheel slowing down after a few minutes of use? To help keep the price affordable the Mini ships with a small motor.  To keep the work loads reasonable you need to spin with a light tension.  So the solution to this is to reduce how tight the elastic tension band is so the wheel can spin with less resistance.Another option to try is to take a wax candle and rub it on the wooden grooves where the flyer sits.  This will make the flyer spin easier.
What should I do about my drive band coming off? The orange pulley on the motor might not be perfectly aligned.  If you look at the drive belt from the side is should be parallel to the case.  If it isn’t the fix is to slide the orange pulley a little on the motor shaft so it is correctly aligned.  Moving this pulley in isn’t that hard but pulling it out is sometimes difficult.  A good way to move it out is to use a flat head screw driver and wedge it out slowly.
Can I use a battery with the EEW Mini? Yes you can.  This page will help you pick the correct battery pack.
Is the EEW the best spinning wheel? I think so, but I am clearly biased.  I have created this page with links to different electric spinning wheels so people can do their research.  I’m confident most people will find that the EEW is the best for them.