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EEW Newsletter – October 2023

Electric Eel Wheel Newsletter by Dreaming Robots

EEW Lazy Kate Release Plan Voting

Please vote at this poll to help me decide how to best release the new EEW Lazy Kate.  I’m trying to decide if I should release it directly to my store or run a short Kickstarter for it.

EEW 6.1 Update

I’m making a lot of incremental improvements in the next batch of the EEW 6.0 and will call it the EEW 6.1.  Some of the changes are the addition of a new switch to make the controls simpler, making the motor slightly faster, and some other changes to reduce vibrations.  Plus a lot of other things.  I’ll release a video about all the improvements in a few months.

I’ve nearly finalized the changes and have already reviewed the initial plastic mold updates and have some additional minor tweaks needed.  While I’m trying to get all this done as quickly as possible, it will be many months into 2024 before I have this new version in stock.  I expect to run out of EEW 6.0s soon so I’ll be out of EEW 6.x stock for several months.  Plan appropriately.  I’m hoping some people planning to get the EEW 6.0 can wait until the EEW 6.1 so that I can reduce the amount of time the EEW 6.x is out of stock.

Wanted Partner to Run Fiber Festivals

I’m looking for someone to partner with to run festivals.  Currently, I attend two of the largest festivals on the East Coast of the US (Rhinebeck and Maryland), plus another medium sized fiber festival in Springfield MA.  What I’m looking to do is find someone to completely run my booth for these festivals and potentially expand into other festivals.  My unique products can usually get me into festivals where it is difficult for new vendors to attend.  The work requires picking up products from my warehouse in Leominster MA using my trailer, setting up and taking down the festivals, running the booth during the festival, and then returning the trailer to my workshop.  This basically means you need to load/unload a lot of 40 pound boxes, stand on your feet all day, take sales, and address any other issues that show up during the festival.

I have a few festivals this fall that I’m hoping the candidate I select could assist me at these, then perhaps next spring you’d be able to start running festivals.  My goal here is to unload myself so I have more time to work on the part of this business I’m best at.  I’d probably still attend some of these festivals, but by not running the booth I’d have more flexibility to see the festivals myself and have longer talks with my community.

I’ve already got a few people I’ve worked with in the past that are potentially interested, but because this is a big long term change I wanted to see if there are any others in the community that think they would be good for this.  If you are interested please send me a brief email about why you think you’d be a good fit.  I will select a few to do phone calls and discuss how revenue sharing would work.  Candidates would need to be within driving distance of my Leominster, MA and able to drive long distances to the festivals.  The Maryland festival is about 8 hours drive from my warehouse.

Product Updates

Below are estimates and the dates may change.

  • EEW Cone Winder – December 2023
  • EEW Lazy Kate – December 2023
  • EEW 6.1 – First half of 2024

I don’t accept pre-orders in my store, but when I get a batch of products there should be enough for everyone.

– Maurice Ribble
(Inventor of the Electric Eel Wheel)
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