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EEW Newsletter – June 2023

Electric Eel Wheel Newsletter by Dreaming Robots

June 01, 2023

EEW Pro Update

I made this video about the EEW Pro.  This product is still a few years away, but this video gives you an overview of what I’ve been working on so far.

Updates since the video… Based on the feedback I’ve received so far, I’ve already decided to make several changes. One of the suggestions was to test the LCD and OLED screens in the sun. The LCD screen performed much better in this case. I would also like to note that the LCD appeared washed out in the video because I had the backlight set to full brightness, but the backlight can be adjusted and even turned off. While I believe the OLED looks slightly better in dark environments, considering that the LCD performs significantly better in bright environments, I will probably go with the LCD. Based on the feedback, I will remove the weight sensors. I also received numerous other suggestions that I will try out, and I will share the ones that work out in the next prototype. Please continue to provide feedback, as the ideas I receive help me improve the eSpinner.

I’m collaborating with a small group of designers to determine the general design shape for my next prototype.  It would be a huge help if you could vote here so I can spend time on the better design!

My Awesome Maryland Fiber Festival Adventure

Last month, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure to the renowned Maryland Fiber Festival, and oh boy, was it a blast! The festival buzzed with excitement as fiber lovers from all walks of life gathered to celebrate their shared passion.

For two delightful days, I proudly manned my booth, showcasing the marvels of my eSpinners and the fabulous EEW Cone Winder. Enthusiastic visitors of all ages, ranging from sprightly 3-year-olds to wise 97-year-olds, flocked to my demos, eager to explore the world of spinning.

However, the true highlight of the festival was the extraordinary “Spin-In” event. Picture this: a gathering of spinning wheel aficionados, interesting conversations, and laughter filling the air. It was a spinning paradise!

To add to the merriment, the organizers arranged a series of captivating competitions. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the creativity and skill on display. One particular contest had participants vie for the longest strand of yarn in just one minute, while blindfolded! The crown for the blindfolded yarn champion was claimed by none other than the incredible EEW 6 spinner, Juliet! What a feat!

If you’re ever lucky enough to attend the Maryland Fiber Festival, mark your calendars for the “Spin-In” event. You won’t want to miss the camaraderie, the door prizes, and, of course, the enchanting competitions. Trust me, it’s a fiber lover’s dream come true.

I’m already planning my return to this haven of fiber festivities next year.

Product Updates

Below are estimates and the dates may change.

  • EEW Cone Winder – October 2023
  • EEW Lazy Kate – October 2023

I don’t accept pre-orders in my store, but when I get a batch of products there should be enough for everyone.

– Maurice Ribble
(Inventor of the Electric Eel Wheel)

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