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The EEW Yarn Counter measures the length of your yarn.


  • Measure length of yarn to prevent stash waste
  • Divide yarn in half when knitting socks
  • Divide yarn when making quilt squares
  • Split singles in half when plying 2 strand yarn
  • Track yarn usage as you knit
  • Weavers sectional warping


  • Choose yards or meters
  • Accurate counting (real world margin of error usually under 3%)
  • 1+ year of battery life with typical use (requires 2AA batteries *not included)
  • Versatile clamping design fits your workflow
  • Beeps when target length reached
  • Magnetic case makes changing batteries easy


  • EEW Yarn Counter
  • Clamp
  • Instruction Manual
  • WPI Card

For instructional videos and more information visit the EEW Yarn Counter homepage.


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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

6 reviews for EEW Yarn Counter

  1. Yarn Lover

    I love this yarn counter. It measures thin and thick yarn with ease.

  2. Jaye Knight

    Best yarn counter. Great value for the price.

  3. Ann Durham

    I was recently given a large box of random balls of weaving yarn. I needed to know how many yards were in each ball. My old way of doing it – making it into a skein so that I could count the wraps and calculate, and then rewind into balls – would have taken me days. With the yarn counter, I just rewound them onto my ball winder with the yarn counter in between, and was done in an afternoon.
    It’s also brilliant for measuring my handspun. I’ve done it with fine yarns (40+ wraps per inch) and thicker (less than 20 wraps per inch).
    I’m not sure how I got by for years without this.

  4. Johnny (verified owner)

    Got it for my wife. We tested it and it was quite accurate. The display numbers could be a bit brighter but the main thing is it works very well.

  5. Colette Galvin

    From GB
    Santa brought my yarn counter. It’s a delight. It measure the yarn. It’s lightweight. It’s elegant. It’s easy to use. It looks good.
    Thank you dreaming robots and threshing barn. Thank you 🎅

  6. Georgia (verified owner)

    Great yardage counter, high value for the price and super useful features like being able to flip the display screen direction and enter in WPI for accurate yardage estimates are great. I put inbetween my swift and ball winder and it works great.

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