EEW 5.2 Getting Started

This video will help you understand the basic features of your EEW 5.2.

Here is a video that covers the basics of spinning.

Replacement Parts

The belt and tension band on the EEW 5.2 will wear out over time.  While I do offer a  parts kit in store, these are standard off the shelf parts that you can buy elsewhere.  I run a small store and shipping is expensive for small items like this so feel free to buy these parts elsewhere from stores that are more efficient at shipping small orders.


Why does the bobbin sometimes vibrate and makes a bunch of noise?This can happen because the end of the bobbin that is nearest the center of the spinning wheel and rests against the steel spindle starts a harmonic vibration.  The fix is quite easy.  Just take off the bobbin.  Wrap a piece of yarn around the spindle once where the bobbin rests, and tie a knot.  Then slide the bobbin back on such that this string is squished between the spindle and the bobbin.  This will prevent this vibration.
Why isn’t there uptake? (Why isn’t my yarn being pulled onto the bobbin?)
  • Check to make sure the tension band has a little tension and is resting on the grove in the end of the bobbin bobbin.
  • If you over spin your yarn it will get little kinks in it and these will catch on the orifice hole or the sliding hooks.  To fix this manually twist the bobbin until the over spun yarn is on the bobbin and start again trying not to over spin the yarn this time.
  • Check to make sure there isn’t something preventing the bobbin from freely spinning.  Clean out any yarn or dirt stuck on the inside of the bobbin that might be causing it to be stuck to the flyer.
  • Check to make sure the the yarn where it’s tied to the bobbin isn’t slipping.  If it is you can use a small piece of tape to prevent it from slipping anymore.
Can I use a battery with the EEW 5.2?Yes you can.  This page will help you pick the correct battery pack.

Different Versions

EEW 5.0
EEW 5.1
EEW 5.2