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EEW Newsletter – August 2023

Electric Eel Wheel Newsletter by Dreaming Robots

EEW 6.0 Lace Flyer

I released a high speed lace weight flyer for the EEW 6.0 as free 3D printable files.  Watch the video below to get more information about how it works.  The 3D printable files are here, and if you don’t have  a 3D printer this page shows how to have someone else make them for you.

Product Updates

Below are estimates and the dates may change.

  • EEW Cone Winder – October 2023
  • EEW Lazy Kate – October 2023

I don’t accept pre-orders in my store, but when I get a batch of products there should be enough for everyone.

– Maurice Ribble
(Inventor of the Electric Eel Wheel)

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