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eSpinners for Beginners

This video series was created to help more people learn to spin yarn so that they can enjoy this wonderful hobby. It goes into more depth than your quick spinning tutorial. After watching this series you’ll understand not just how to spin, but you’ll often know about several options for each stage of the spinning process. You will know the fundamentals so you can choose the right options for the yarn you want to spin. I’m super happy with these videos and think most of them are useful to a wide range of spinners.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 1 – EEW 6.0 Setup and Controls

This is more specific to the EEW 6.0 of all these videos. It goes into a lot more depth about setting up the EEW 6.0 and how all the controls worked than the Quick Start guide did. While I think all the other videos are useful to people using other eSpinner or even treadle wheels, this video is probably best to watch only if you plan to get the EEW 6.0.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 2 – Practice Spinning, Fiber Selection, and Understanding Twist

This one isn’t really eSpinner specific so even if you use a treadle spinning wheel everything in this video will be helpful. The video really focuses on how to get started spinning by using practice yarn, which helps you get the feel for spinning without having to worry about drafting. Then it goes into how to pick the right fiber for you and explains how twisting fiber makes yarn. It really gives a solid background so you understand the core principles of spinning.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 3 – Ergonomics, Short Draw, and Long Draw

The ability to position eSpinners anywhere gives them a big ergonomics advantage over treadle spinning wheels and this video explains how to setup your espinner comfortably. It then covers details of how you do short draw and long draw spinning. It goes into detail about the differences in the yarn based many different factors you can control while spinning.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 4 – Plying

This video uses an eSpinner, but everything in this video applies to treadle spinners too. This video shows you how to ply consistent yarn and explains what parameters to watch to help you get the yarn that you want.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 5 – Finishing Yarn

This video goes through all the different finishing processes used to lock in yarn twist. It explains both the how and the why. Most of the video is about the various stages of wet finishing.

eSpinners for Beginners Part 6 – Examples of Finished Projects and Yarn Consistency Tips

This video concludes the series by giving you examples of several finished knitted projects, and explains the yarn decisions that went into each project. There are also several tips to help keep your yarn’s diameter and twist consistent.

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