Affiliate Help

The affiliate program on Dreaming Robots is setup to support people who help spread the word about our products in a tasteful way. For anyone who is an affiliate you should not spam links in unwanted places. Don’t post your affiliate links on any of the Dreaming Robots groups (since people already know about our products here) or on other forums where you aren’t supposed to post links. If I hear complaints or see bad uses of these links then that person will be banned. This is mainly for people who make their own blog posts, videos, or spread the word in person. If you have a question about possible uses feel free to contact us.

The way this program works is you can share links or a coupon code with others. If they use that link or coupon code to purchase our products then you will receive 5% of the purchase price. I then pay out this to your Paypal account automatically on a monthly basis.

Creating Affiliate Account

There are a few manual steps in the account creation process to help keep bots from registering.

First go to our Affiliate Dashboard.

You need to login on to create your affiliate account or see your affiliate dashboard. You can create an account on this site when purchasing items from my store so you hopefully already have an account. If you don’t have an account contact us explaining why you want an account and we can manually create you an account. Make sure you include this information:

  • email
  • preferred user name
  • full name
  • brief description why you want to be an affiliate

If I approve this application (it’s a manual process so this might take some time) I will generate an account for you on my website. You will get an email asking for you to choose a password. You can then set your password.

Once you open a normal account on you can login on the Affiliate Dashboard. After this you can then create an Affiliate account. Most of the fields are obvious, but you can choose a “coupon code” that is memorable (maybe your username) since this will be in the links you give to people on my site. After submitting this application, I need to approve it, which is again a manual process so it might take some time. After it’s approved you will get an email.

When you go to the Affiliate Dashboard with an approved account you will be able to generate links or QR codes. You can also see stats on how many people have used your links and the money you’ve made.

Usage Information

The cookies used to give you credit for a sale are stored for 10 days.

In your Affiliate Dashboard on the “Referral URL” tab you can enter in your own “Referral Link” and it will generate a link for that. For example you might want to go to a product page for the EEW 6.0 and then copy that link and paste it here so you can get a referral link that takes people it click it directly to where they can buy an EEW 6.0 if you are doing a review of that product on your blog.

There is a link to your Affiliate Dashboard at the bottom of all the pages on this site to let you get there quickly.

Required Disclosures

In the USA (and many other countries) you are legally required to make a short notice near a product placement explaining that you are getting paid to place the link. Here is an article that goes into more detail about the requirements and gives some examples. If you’re in some other country make sure you fulfil any additional requirements there, but I ask everyone follow at least these requirements when using these links.

Access the Affiliate Dashboard here.