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Flyer Upgrade Kit

Regular price $40.00

This kit updates the plastic spindle and hooks with an aluminum spindle and stainless steel hooks.

This kit reduces wear while spinning and makes the flyer more rigid than the previous version which results in smoother and slightly quieter spinning.

All EEW5s sold after November 1, 2017 come with this kit installed.  If you bought your EEW5 before that date I'm offering free upgrade kits through May 1, 2018.  Contact me (there is a link on the bottom of this page) for information on how to get your free kit.

Below is a video describing how to install this kit.

Note about installation.  If you hear a loud knocking noise when spinning at high speeds that is probably caused by the metal hooks hitting the bottom of the wooden case.  The fix for this is to twist the flyer arms a little so the hooks don't hit.

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