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The Camera Axe 6 helps you take dynamic and creative photos.  It is the next generation sentient photography triggering system. It triggers cameras and flashes with microsecond precision based on input from external sensors and supports a range of high-speed photography scenarios. Alternatively, the intervalometer capability can capture a time-lapse sequence over a period of hours. The flexible design allows the use of multiple sensors to generate a trigger signal. The system has a massive extensibility through a well-engineered sensor/actuator module interface and will be expanded even more through software updates.

The photographer’s interface with Camera Axe 6 is sophisticated but simple. You’ve probably noticed there is no screen on the Camera Axe 6. Instead the Camera Axe 6 uses wireless communications to connect to your smartphone as a website accessed through a web browser. You simply open the Camera Axe 6 webpage and start inputting the settings. For example, you could input that you want your camera to trigger with a slight delay when a loud noise is made.

For more information check out the Kickstarter project.

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