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Electric Eel Wheel Mini - Getting Started

This video will help you get started with your EEW Mini.

Below is an image of the flyer.  The green lines show the parting lines (seams) that are formed when making the plastic flyer.  You can use the included Emory board to smooth out those to make your EEW Mini quieter.

Below is an image showing how the ply drive belt will look when it's installed.  Remember the ply belt is the larger belt.  If you aren't sure which one is larger just set them on top of each other and the larger one will be obvious.

Here is another guide to spinning I created for the EEW.  It includes some links to more advanced videos.

Replacement Parts

The belts and tension band on the EEW Mini will wear out over time.  While I do offer a  parts kit in store, these are standard off the shelf parts that you can buy elsewhere.  I run a small store and shipping is expensive for small items like this so feel free to buy these parts elsewhere from stores that are more efficient at shipping small orders.

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 Why is the motor getting hot or why is the spinning wheel slowing down after a few minutes of use?

To help keep the price affordable the Mini ships with a small motor.  To keep the work loads reasonable you need to spin with a light tension.  So the solution to this is to reduce how tight the elastic tension band is so the wheel can spin with less resistance.