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About us

What is Dreaming Robots?

Dreaming Robots is an online store and community supporting those products we sell.  We only sell products we've designed or are related to our projects.  This allows us to be true experts on these products and allows us to have awesome communities around our products.  The most important part of our business is the community (you).  We believe if you are happy then we are doing a good job.

We are located in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  All sales are done through our online store, but if you are in the area and would like to meet us please send us a message from our contact page.  We love love meeting people who are passionate about the same things we are.

Who are we?

Actually "we" is more of a me.  As of today the founder, CEO, and only employee of Dreaming Robots is Maurice Ribble.  I contract with several other people to handle things like assembly and assist with shipping.  So while keeping Dreaming Robots lean and efficient I'm able to have a highly reliable storefront.

I graduated in 2001 with a degree in computer engineering.  Then I progressed from a junior engineer to a principle engineer at a very large tech company which is still my day job.  I eventually realized I wanted to take what I was learning creating some of the most advanced consumer products in the world to a smaller and more personal scale.  Dreaming Robot's first sale was on November 15, 2009.  These days I spend pretty much all my spare time on Dreaming Robots and am loving it.

He I am at the start of a 200 mile hike across Northern England.

UK Coast to Coast Hiking Trip