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Website Updates

Maurice Ribble

I've been working on transitioning from my old mix of old websites into a single website for everything that will be run by Shopify.  I picked Shopify because it is good enough at the things I want to do.  Shopify isn't as flexible as all the free open source programs I was using before, but I'm willing to give up some of that flexibility to make this simpler which will give me more time on all the other parts of the business. is the website I'm using for this central hub of all my projects.

Back when I started I thought having a separate site for each thing I was doing would be a good idea, but since then I've decided I want a single site because it is less work for me to maintain and should give everyone interested in my different projects better updates.  Another thing that drove decision when I started was everything needed to be super low cost.  I actually looked into Shopify back then, but decided it was too expensive.  Now I'm more willing to pay a reasonable fee for someone else to help maintain the website for me.  A big part of maintaining a website is keeping it secure and I took that pretty serious which is why I never took credit cards directly on my websites (they always had to go through Paypal).  I believe Shopify can do a better job with security than I did.  Please don't prove me wrong Shopify :-)

Below are how I'm handling site migrations (I'm keeping all the old websites for now in case people want to go look at them, but their locations are moving):

So am I done changing things?  Probably not.  Most likely I'll change some things again in the future as my needs adopt, but for now I'm happy with it.

Anyways there is a bunch of new things on this website so click around a little.  You have already found this blog.

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