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Electric Eel Wheel 5 Launches on Kickstarter

Maurice Ribble EEW EEW5 Electric spinning wheel Kickstarter

Go check out the video of this interesting spinning wheel at and decide if it’s for you.  

At long last we are launching the Electric Eel Wheel 5 (EEW5) on Kickstarter!  A lot of people have been asking about this for a  long time so it's great that the launch is finally here.

The EEW5 is innovative and easy to use electric spinning wheel.  The most innovative aspect is perhaps the community involvement.  This has resulted in some really cool features!

The small and lightweight design makes the EEW5 extremely portable.  Having a wheel that you can easily carry around in one hand really changes how, when, and where you spin.  Not having to pump a treadle with your foot means you can use it in more places such as the couch or in your recliner.

It uses a unique sliding hook system that is very easy to use and allows you to smoothly put the yarn on the bobbin.   Three different orifice hole sizes are included with every wheel so it can spin lace weight to super bulky yarns with ease.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on December 15th.

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