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CA6 Milestone 3 Update

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Work on the Camera Axe 6 has been progressing really well these past few months.  I created a public forum that will have a lot more info about the CA6 as I progress.

At this point everything is working fairly well with all the modules.  I've done lots of unit testing and real world testing with most of the modules.  The main things on my list left are:

  • Update the PCB for the base CA6 unit to address some reliability issues and add a few more features (changes done, just need to have the boards made and then test)
  • Update the PCBs for all the modules to address bugs (changes done, just need to have the boards made and then test)
  • Iterate on the case for the CA6 (currently there is a 3d printed case).  I need to make it better and then look into options for injection molding it.
  • Make cases for the modules.  These will probably just be laser cut acrylic.
  • Improve performance and robustness of the code for the CA6.
  • Send out test units and get feedback from more testers.  This might lead to more changes (especially in the software).

Overall I'm happy with the progress.  Still lots of things to do, but it is already a very useful tool for me and my high speed photography needs.   I think that means it should be really useful for others too.  I just need to finish it now.



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